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Western Shirts, Shirts in traditional cuts, Frilled Shirts, Shirts With Strings, Shirts for children

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Hemad (Bavarian); in German shirt (Hemd) originates from the Old High German term Hemidi, which means cover.

The ancestor of the shirt might has been the Roman tunic.

At first the shirt was found as underwear in the time of the Anglosaxons in the 15th century. The shirt was closed at the front with short sleeves. A short time later there were shirts with long stiched sleeves, the shirts were worn by the aristocracy and bourgeoisie as adequate clothing. In the 16th century the upper part of the shirt became visable and a quilling was added.

The quilling was the ancestor of the collar. Until the 20th century the collars were separate and the shirt could be opened by buttoms.

We are from of the South of Germany and we mainly offer shirts made by old traditional patterns. We sell traditional shirts, farmer shirts, coachman shirts, shirts with strings, frill shirts, and country style  western shirt and the so called grandpa shirts. The shirts are made of classic Nepalese cotton fabrics. Our factory is situated in the Himalayan capital Kathmandu in Nepal, with the slogan "Bavaria meets Himalaya".

For Live Role-Play, we offer clothes from middle age fitting for Larp and Reenactment.

Custom-made Products: for all, who did not find the item, they were looking for we offer without extra charges:

- items in our own measurement - (if you need XXXL and higher we take some charge for the extra fabrics)
- each model you can order in following colours white offwhite, red, green, marron red, middleblue, darkblue, and black
- each shirt can be made with normal collar or mao-collar
- each shirt can be ordered with short sleeves
This custom-made products needs 2-6 weeks to be ready.

Our products can be ordered via shopping basket, email, fax or telephon, all prices including VAT.

No shipping costs for shipments within Germany for orders from 29.00 upwards!

Thank you for reading.

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